“Jesus Cares Ministry”
From April 29th, 2016

St. Paul’s Jesus Cares program provides individuals with special needs the opportunity to hear God’s Word, participate in activities and engage in fellowship with family members, volunteers and community members.

The Jesus Cares program is a simplified service that follows a format appropriate for people with a cognitive disability, including people with forms of dementia. Bible Study materials have been developed for the JCM program. A teacher’s manual is provided for each lesson, which offers ideas for using flannel board pictures to accompany a story, special music and crafts.

The program is part of the Jesus Care Ministries (JCM) program offerings. JCM is a ministry of The Lutheran Home Association and provides Christian community outreach for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. JCM programs include various fellowship opportunities including Worship at the Cross, Bible Study and New Friends.
“We assist congregations in reaching out to share the Gospel with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Pastor Joel Gaertner, vice president of ministry and director of Jesus Cares Ministries at The Lutheran Home Association. “Our programs inspire and positively impact individuals across the U.S. and in Malawi, Africa.”

About Jesus Cares Ministries
Jesus Cares Ministries (JCM) is a ministry of The Lutheran Home Association (TLHA). TLHA is a not-for-profit ministry dedicated to providing for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of people in our care. We offer a wide variety of health care, housing and spiritual outreach services with campuses in several states and congregational programs serving seniors and individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities nationwide. Services and programs include senior living, skilled nursing care, memory care, disability services, rehabilitative therapies, chaplaincy, Bible classes, worship services and property management services. Learn more at www.tlha.org, follow @TLHAword on Twitter and “Like” Jesus Cares Ministries on Facebook