Chris Driesbach Biography

My name is Chris Driesbach.

I’m a member of Lamb of God Lutheran Church in Madison Alabama and during the last seven-plus years I’ve been on many musical tours, playing concerts at over 600 WELS and ELS churches in 35 states from Anchorage Alaska to Orlando Florida. My songs are all original Christian music and I love to tell the story of our church and my journey to faith.

I played music professionally for 30 years on the west coast. I was an atheist until age 33, and after that sort of a new-age spiritualist. 9 years later I became a Lutheran and a Christian at the same time in 1995. Faith Lutheran Church and Pastor James Oldfield in Anchorage Alaska were my first church and pastor. We went through a 22-week Bible study course together. Pastor Oldfield read to me out of the Bible when I asked him all of the hardest questions I could think of and after 6 weeks of his class I was given the gift of faith by the Spirit working though God’s Word. My life completely changed, of course!

I’ve been writing Christian songs for the last 8 years, including a song about my personal experience with hurricane Katrina when I lived in New Orleans as a member of Crown of Life WELS. I have recorded 6 Christian CDs; “Lifted” in 2006 and 2007, “Feed Your Faith” in 2008, “Let Christ Be Known” 2009, a collection of hymns also in 2009, “Jesus Is the Man!” finished in October 2010, and my new one done in July 2012 called “One Cross, Three Nails.”

On November 10th of 2012 I was married to a wonderful lady, my new wife Cindi. We live in Huntsville Alabama, known as “Rocket City” because of all the NASA-related activity here. My plans are to continue a limited schedule playing music in our churches about 20 weeks per year. The rest of the time I’m a house-husband support system for my wife who is an RN in administration at the Huntsville hospital.

I lost all my musical equipment in the flood following Katrina, but generous WELS members gave money to replace it, and I’ve got some really wonderful new gear. I have a deep desire to go sing my songs and tell the happy story about Jesus and meet and worship with my brothers and sisters in the WELS all around the USA. This wonderful thing God is letting me do is really a dream come true!

My contact information:
Snail mail: Chris Driesbach
7802 Shadow Bend Drive
Huntsville AL 35802

WRITTEN BY: Angela Neumann